Board Concierge prides itself as South Africa’s first black woman owned premium corporate and luxury lifestyle concierge service provider. We provide an unparalleled customer experience for international and local clientele. Your transition into our unique and culturally rich country matters to us, which is why we aim to provide bespoke customer service tailored to your needs.

At Board Concierge we are devoted to helping you through seamless, efficient and effective support. Our customized experiences and service will provide a strong and lasting connection to our brand leaving you with a positive impression.


Our love for premium lifestyle management was born out of discovering different parts of our beautiful African continent. Traveling to a foreign country opens up our understanding of commonalities between different cultures, but also our differences. Through this, we were able to take heed of the lack of concierge services for corporates and expats within our continent.


Board Concierge aims to be the pioneer of international hospitality in Africa so that our clients build an unwavering bond with our continent. Our history of traveling to different countries in Africa provides a unique advantage at understanding our core clientele.


To deliver the best concierge service in Africa and personalizing each point of contact with great care. Deliver excellence upon every request and consistently strive to surpass our clientele’s expectations whilst empowering one woman at a time.  


To become Africa’s most dedicated lifestyle management service provider by embodying excellence at all times. 
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